Nifty NodeJS and NPM

21 May 2016 Contribute to this post


npm outdated

This command will check the registry to see if any (or, specific) installed packages are currently outdated. Based on this dependencies in package.json:

  "glob": "^5.0.15",
  "nothingness": "github:othiym23/nothingness#master",
  "npm": "^3.5.1",
  "once": "^1.3.1"

… npm outdated will reveal this:

$ npm outdated
Package      Current   Wanted   Latest  Location
glob          5.0.15   5.0.15    6.0.1  test-outdated-output
nothingness    0.0.3      git      git  test-outdated-output
npm            3.5.1    3.5.2    3.5.1  test-outdated-output
local-dev      0.0.3   linked   linked  test-outdated-output
once           1.3.2    1.3.3    1.3.3  test-outdated-output

Initialize new package.json with default values

npm init -f, this will automatically accept the defaults. The -f stands for force.

List globally installed packages

npm -g list --depth 0, this will show which npm packages you have installed globally.