Changing the default sound device with AutoHotkey

01 August 2013 Contribute to this post

If you’re the kind of person who always have your headset connected to your computer, but still need to switch to PC speakers from time to time, here’s a little AutoHotkey-script that will switch the default sound device between those two.

What the script does is to open your Sound / Playback preferences window, select between the two options you’ve chosen, and set this as default. To give you an idea, look at my Playback preferences:

In this case I’m switching between 1 (Speakers) and 2 (Speakers / HP). You need to change these numbers in the script, line 5, 7 and 16 (or delete line 16 if you prefer), if your Playback devices are set up different than mine. The script uses the keys Ctrl + Win + F1 as default.

; toggle speaker setup
    switch := !switch
    If (switch)
usePlaybackDevice(device) {
    Run, mmsys.cpl
    WinWaitActive, Sound ahk_class #32770
    ControlSend, SysListView321,{Down %device%}, Sound ahk_class #32770
    ControlClick, Button2, Sound ahk_class #32770
    WinClose, Sound ahk_class #32770
    TrayTip, , % if device = 1 ? "Headset" : "PC speakers"