Embedding fiddles

This post is a guide in how to embed various fiddles into your GitHub Pages posts (and other pages).


Some various tips, tricks and key mappings in Chrome.

GitHub Gallery

GitHub Gallery is a simple photo gallery, which displays all the images it finds in the /images/ folder. It’s powered by the Jekyll blog engine, and will work on any such powered pages, for example GitHub Pages.

Beneficial Bash

Not really just the most frequently used commands of Bash, but more a list of thing I found beneficial at some point. Thing I know I’d need to reuse again later.

Gallantly GIT

So GIT is gallant now? No, I don’t know… Maybe. I like it, but it did take some time to get over the first many hurdles. I hope this page can help someone in the same situation as I was in.

Changing the default sound device with AutoHotkey

If you’re the kind of person who always have your headset connected to your computer, but still need to switch to PC speakers from time to time, here’s a little AutoHotkey-script that will switch the default sound device between those two.

Open highlighted text in Google with AutoHotkey

I often found myself highlighting text, copying it, opening a browser, and paste it into Google to search for it. Quite a few steps for such a small job i recon. I still have to highlight the text i’m interested in, but afterwards a shortcut Ctrl + Win + G does the rest of the job. This little addition to my AutoHotkey file save me quite some time in the long run.

Burn a Book

Logo idea for Burn a Book, a friend of a friend’s online book store. Not sure if they ever decided to use it or not.

Arcade Review banner

A user of my NoseBleed phpBB template needed a banner for his online forum Arcade Review. I thought it was a fun challenge and made this for him.